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Will KitKat Sushi Reach Dublin?

get link For a long time KitKat has been known for venturing into unusual territory in Japan. They have experimented with many flavours, such as lemon vinegar, sake or wasabi. These are among the 300 varieties of bars since the early 2000s. And according to our sources, they have just released images of its wild new “sushi” food and we have no idea had to react to it. 

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get link The new KitKat bars come in 3 flavors, which don’t taste anything like the varieties of sushi they’re modeled to look like. 

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There’s tuna sushi, but it actually tastes like raspberry.
There is the seaweed wrapped sushi omelet- which is really a pumpkin pudding KitKat.
And the last flavor is the sea urchin sushi and it is a Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese KitKat.
All three have a base made of puffed rice with white chocolate and a hint of wasabi. And although these flavors have not yet reached Dublin stores, there are, however, other flavors that are being sold worldwide – ever tried the green tea-flavored KitKats?
Will these flavors reach Ireland and become a big hit? Is this something the Dubliners would find tasty? Can you imagine this as a treat after your lunch in Dublin
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