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Wanna Be Smart? Then Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast

This is no joke and you actually read it correctly. Eating ice cream for breakfast can be good for you, according to a Japanese study. Here is why:

follow url The Japanese study cited by The Telegraph reveals, that eating this delicious dessert in the morning can increase your alertness. What’s more, it is as great source for getting better information-processing capabilities. So, consider a nice bowl of your favorite frozen dessert with your morning cup of coffee!

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go to link To scoop deeper, a professor at Tokyo’s Kyorin University discovered that people who ate ice cream immediately after waking up scored better on a test of mental exercises than people who didn’t.

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goede binaire opties Those frozen dessert eaters performed better on the test than people who just had water to drink. And if this article made you hungry in Dublin for Ice-cream, then we recommend that you go to this lovely ice-cream shop called Scoop. Amazing varieties of flavors and sprinkles. 

matchmaking 12 But who knows, we don’t know if the ones who performed weaker on the test have had anything to eat. Maybe it’s a study to show that if you eat anything, you’ll perform better.

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