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Top Best Looking Sandwiches around Dublin It’s not the first time when we say that opening a coffee shop in Dublin isn’t just it. With so many competitors around, it’s important to attract customers with taste smell and…. look. It’s true, humans are attracted to things that look tasty and simply beautiful. And now chefs need to be more and more creative with their food, raising the artistic bar even higher. Today, Hungry in Dublin chose the top 5 sandwiches that not only taste heavenly, but look out of this world. Here are our top choices:

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cherche jeune fille au pair france Two Fifty Square, Rathmines

source site Located in Rathmines, Two Fifty Square is a place suitable for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers, but let’s talk Avocado today. Here, the sandwich looks and tastes amazing. Fully nutritious, a big portion served and loads of green goodies packed in one, including avocado and kale. This bad boy is actually called Avocado and Kale with a lemon drizzle, and basil on the menu. All this packed in a ciabatta and sold for 8 euro. Well worth the coins in your pocket.

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 The Hungry Duck 

The Kimmage Road can be proud of this spacious corner cafe. Serving delicious breakfast in Dublin, the Hungry Duck cafe offers a family friendly vibe and cozy atmosphere that comes with every plate. As because today Hungry in Dublin is discussing sandwiches, we had to pick one from the menu. go site The Eggs Benedict as a must-try. That is, of course, if you eat bacon. Poached eggs on top of tomatoes, cream cheese and bacon is an irresistible breakfast in Dublin. And it costs less than €8.



Foam Cafe - Breakfast in Dublin Foam Cafe

At a first glance you may think this is not a really advanced breakfast in Dublin. But hold on. Once you take the first bite you will understand why Foam cafe in Terenure is so well-known. The freshly baked bread with a high quality salmon on top is what you need. It’s about the quality that really matters. Salmon and bread lovers will know this is a fantastic and amazing breakfast.



Foam Cafe - Breakfast in Dublin

enter Fia Cafe

A beautiful and cozy little place on Rathgar Road, Fia delights its customers with excellent customer service, amazing reviews on the website, awesome cups of freshly brewed coffee and top of the notch food. Take a look at the effort put into making the sandwich. Scrambled eggs with a bunch of kale and tomatoes. A boost of energy and just look at the art on this plate! Be sure to come in eary, the place is always packed with hungry in Dublin peeps.



Lovely Food Company - Breakfast in Dublin

jeune fille cherche garcon The Lovely Food Company

Our top and almost always winning cafe in Terenure is more than just a stop for coffee. The place is known to serve really good coffee for just €2, It is a place filled with a friendly vibe and friendly staff. But let’s talk sandwiches: Oak smoked salmon and fresh crab in a lemon creme fraiche on homemade soda bread with salad. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Lovely Food company can serve this for you. Add that coffee for €2 and you’re all set to start a really good day.


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