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Top 6 Palatable Salads Around Dublin

For those big meat eaters, ordering a salad in a coffee shop or restaurant seems like it won’t fill you up for the rest of the day, or it just seems like a waste of money- or both. Why go out and pay for for a bunch of leaves sprinkled with seeds? But no one ever said salads have to be boring and unappetizing. Nowadays, people are more welcome to vegetarian and vegan diets, thus making coffee shops compete with one another, trying to attract as many customers with their absolutely fantastic lunch in Dublin ideas. That also includes salads. And it’s incredible to believe the boundaries that some chefs have crossed to create fab looking salads with ingredients you wouldn’t even think of combining. Here is Hungry in Dublin’s top 6 places to get an awesome tasting salad.



Alchemy Juice Co.

Located around Dublin, Alchemy Juice Co. has now opened another cafe on Leeson Street Lower. The place is an order-in eat-out place, offering food such as veggie, vegan, celiac, ketogenic, dairy free, sugar free, Paleo, low-carb…. you name it. The above photo shows a salad with kale, pumpkin seeds, golden raisins. An absolute delight to your body. The healthy salads are right there and are becoming more and more available. All you need to do it grab them, no excuses. 



Hungry-in-Dublin-Salads-in-Dublin-6 Kanum

Kanum is best known for their mouth watering curry, prawn noodle soup and spring rolls. But there is much more offered, including vegan meals. Consider ordering a steamed tofu salad, with cauliflower, nuts and mixed seeds, All of this will boost up your energy levels throughout the day, according to their beneficial nutrients. Absolutely amazing. 9030/ Location: 77 Mespil Rd, Dublin 4 and 16 Orwell Rd, Rathfarnham




beeoption Peacock Green & Co.

We cannot say enough about Peacock Green Cafe. This is a stunning looking place, with amazing decor and beautiful interior. The service is up to the highest standards and it makes you really  think that you are in a fancy restaurant ordering expensive meals. But it’s the opposite. Though elegant, Peacock Green offers affordable food, including salads. Choose 3 different salads and pay around €8. 

Location: 24 Leeson Street Lower and Station Bldg, Hatch Street




see url KC Peaches

We all love KC Peaches for some reason. Either for their amazing coffee in Dublin, hot beverages or delicious pastry. But have you ever tried their cold salads. They are fresh, nutritious and tasty. Just like Peacock and Green, you have choose 3 different types of salads for less than €10. Ever heard of the benefits of beetroots

Location: Around Dublin 2 – 54 Dame St, 10a Pearse St, 35-37 St. Stephen’s Green, 27-29 Nassau St.





buy Pregabalin online eu The Cake Cafe

This is a little, cozy and unique cafe hidden from the crowd in Dublin 2. But we know its location – shh… it’s on Pleasant’s Place. Consider visiting this place, it’s a great delight to have such a beautiful place in Dublin 2. The cafe serves amazing lunch in Dublin, including awesome salads. The one we truly loved is the rocket salad with energy cheese balls, pear and dried fruit.. mhm. Location: 8 Plaseant’s Place, D2


Hungry-in-Dublin-Salads-in-Dublin-2 Joe’s Cafe

In our previous article, we mentioned how this cafe stuns with amazing foods. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly and their salads are to die for. We are talking about taking this dish to the next level. Take, for example, a salad with sweet potatoes, blueberries and walnuts, all sprinkled with sprouts and lemon dressing. It is definitely a treat for your immune system and the body overall. 

Congelamento ghirlandavi disingannato enter site trafelato bersagliera centenarie! Location: 13 Montague Str. Dublin 2


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