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This Pub Helps You Pair Food and Beer

Dublin 14 has a great reason to be proud of. Located on one of its corners local pub, called The Bottle Tower, invites young and senior customers to its amazing nest. Great food and beer lives here and it’s also a perfect place to watch your favorite sport while enjoying a great lunch or dinner in Dublin.  




This unbelievably spacious place offers lounges, high table seats and corner sofas. This is where great burgers, fries and pizza is born. There are stuffed animal heads hung on brick walls, with dozens of antique clocks, frames and mirrors around. Wooden floors, bottles on the shelf, surrounded by low light. None of that heavy LED stuff. This way, a comfortable atmosphere is born. Similar interior design to the Camden Exchange and Tap house, so if you have been to any of those spacious and eclectic pubs, you will definitely enjoy this one. 



A sneak peak at the main and side menu. Vegetarian available. The Bottle Tower’s special is the roast, pizza and burgers… moist, gigantic burgers.  Soup of the day served with home baked brown soda bread. One of the best places to eat in Dublin if you enjoy this type of food.



The perfect burger, perfect size. Need a bigger bite? The Bottle Tower serves a special monster burger and it’s GIGANTIC. A perfect solution for your lunch in Dublin needs.



Spicy chicken wings – unavoidable in this place. This is what they call a “small portion”.



Oh yes, we haven’t forgotten about the beer and food pairing bullet point. The Bottle Tower can help you pick the perfect beer that will go well with your food. Both will compliment each other harmoniously. Take Nachos and the Galway Hooker for example. Ever tried these together? 
Quick info:

  • Location: 1 Beaumont Ave, Churchtown Upper, D14
  • What to go for: Lunch in Dublin, Dinner in Dublin
  • What to Try: Burger and Beer… yum

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