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This Place is Nuts with Doughnuts!

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source site It’s been a while the Hungry in Dublin team decided to write something on the sweeter side. We’ve mentioned plenty of best places to eat in Dublin, including lunches and breakfasts, but we haven’t mentioned any dessert-like locations. Not to worry though, all is to be revealed! OK, so if the mood strikes you and the only thing you feel like grabbing is a tasty doughnut and coffee in Dublin, then Aungier Danger is a place to visit. Hungry-in-Dublin-Doughnuts-Dublin-2 Aungier Danger you say? Yup, located on Aungier Street, next to DIT, many students and grown ups can’t get enough of this place. This is a walk-in and eat-out dougnnut and deli. As you walk-in you’ll hear a loud music pumping, eclectic interior and the smell of fresh pastry in the air, all combined with a great hip atmosphere. The staff is friendly and down-to-earth. Always open to chat with you about your day.  

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OK, so what is so amazing about this place, you ask? Well, at Aungier Danger you won’t find just any doughnuts. The place offers a variety of different flavours, some are not found in any other store. Imagine grabbing a Honey Foam doughnut with your coffee in Dublin. Yum. And what about trying a doughnut called the “Crime Scene” – it’s to die for. See what we did there? OK, let’s get serious here. This is a big doughnut, packed with cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberry icing. Some people love the lemon poppy seed ones. The result is amazing and the taste- well think about all those ingredients combined. It will definitely blow your mind away. 




Have you tried the Dublin Death Trap? It’s made from vanilla custard filling, double chocolate icing and it’s a must-try when you visit this place. We’re not sure why they have very odd names, probably just to remember them better and distinguish one from the other. That’s just a guess! Other doughnuts also available- packed with jam, Guinness, Jaffa cake or even Oreo and marshmallow! One bite and you know you would be back again. 




Pair a doughnut with a tasty herbal tea. Different varieties available. But overall, you go there for a big tasty doughnut and coffee. Just like you saw in those old American cop movies. Yeah. 



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