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This Food Is So Good it Cures Breakups (Seriously)

see url Rathmines is becoming an exciting area to spend your free time. Exciting pubs where comedians perform on week days, barbershops with live bands. Even the 1923 Stella Cinema is set to reopen in Summer. It is indeed evolving and attracting more and more people. And if you’re wondering about the coffee shops, not to worry. The Rathmines Road Lower has many coffee shops, but let’s talk about one for now, called Two Fifty Square. 

rencontre gratuites maroc Getting back to the title. The main girl of Hungry in Dublin has had a huge breakup with the one she loved. She didn’t feel like she was the guy’s “one and only” and felt like she needed proof to charge the batteries of the relationship. Heartbroken and alone, she does reveal that one of the best cures to forget about the whole sadness is to get a good meal. And Two Fifty Square is the place to change your negative mood from sad to awesome. P.S. If you are that guy, she reveals that she will always love you, anywhere you are. Find it in your heart to show it to her. Maybe over a good meal? binäre optionen handeln mit system  

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see Spacious, can easily fit your entire family. This place was designed for big groups, due to the fact that Two Fifty Square is located next to Safari Childcare, Lidl and the Swan Leisure. That’s why most of their clients will be parents with little ones eating and enjoying the delicious food. 



Outside area also available, which looks amazing. See-through roof, with a few plants here and there. There are a few paintings, brushed with many colors and shades, giving a more hip look to the cafe. A nice place to relax, talk about serious stuff, relationship problems and how to solve them for instance. 



Finally, let’s talk food.  Avocado sandwich was amazing. Fully nutritious, big portion and loads of green goodies packed in one. This bad boy is called Avocado and Kale  with a lemon drizzle, and basil. All this packed in a ciabatta and sold for 8 euro. Compared to a cafe next to it, these prices are a bit high but the food is worth it. All ingredients are fresh and portions are big. 



The amazing wrap served with goodies like pepper, avocado and more and all brought on a plate with a rocket salad on the side. A great lunch in Dublin served! By looking at this meal, how can it not fix any day-to-day issues? 



One of the biggest part of the show plays the coffee. Two Fifty Square is actually great to stop for a nice cup of coffee in Dublin. What’s more, they make their own coffee beans and names the shop after them. Strong and memorable taste. That type of taste that leaves you with a “damn, that’s good coffee” feeling. You’ll immediately feel better if you are struggling with any breakups at the moment. Quick Info: 



This post was dedicated to that one person. I hope you stumble upon this and will believe in true love. It exists! 

This article is Hungry for Love in Dublin!



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