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The Must-Yum Yums at Yamamori

go here You probably heard about this place. Yeah you did. It was mentioned a couple of times by Lovin Dublin and other sites But today it’s Hungry in Dublin’s turn to talk about it. Yamamori is an award-winning Japanese cuisine with delicious beers, whiskeys and cocktails on the menu. It is a place where food is so good, you think you’re sitting in a Japanese restaurant… in Japan. Seriously. Hungry-in-Dublin-Sushi-2

go site Located in four places around Dublin, this review is about Yamamori Noodles on South Great George’s Street, which is very close to one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches you can get in Dublin, as we mentioned previously in our article. The interior is similar, if not the same, to those restaurants in Japan. Long wooden tables and stools, Japanese signs and painting on the walls. There is even a projector on one side of the restaurant, which shows a black-and-white movie. A Japanese one that is. Perhaps the reason for it is because the owners want you to inhale the culture and feel the traditional atmosphere.  All this, the interior, the attention to detail and the music in the background are creating this wonderful and cultural atmosphere. A place where you can explore a new tradition. 


see url Hungry-in-Dublin-Sushi-3

top bangalore dating sites Let’s talk food. What you think is what you get. Good portions, amazing taste. The sushi is so finely wrapped and created, it looks like art on a wooden board. Noodles, soups and salads are, of coarse, also available. 

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Choose between white rice and brown rice and have it your way. Sushi with avocado and salmon is a must-try. 



A selection of cakes or ice-cream are a perfect dessert for your coffee in Dublin. Simply yum. Imaging filling your stomach up after eating healthy raw fish and rice for the past 2 dishes.




We have to mention the delicious beer. There are a few varieties, but Hungry in Dublin team enjoyed Kirin Ichiban. Kirin Ichiban is a 100% malt, first press beer. It is old and popular around Japan and now you get to experience the taste in Dublin. The first brewing began in 1888! So yeah, it’s that good. 


Overall, Yamamori is a place to enjoy great traditional food for a reasonable price. Some may argue about the price being too high, but it’s well worth it. If you value good taste and experience, this is worth every cent. A great spot to go out on a date or with your entire family. Quick Info:

enter Location: 71-72 South Great George’s Street, Dublin What to go for: Dinner in Dublin

source url What to try: Sushi, beer and noodles



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