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Sick of Take-Outs? Here’s Literally a Bunch of Easy DIY Food

see OK so you’ve decided to stay at home after a long ass week at work. There’s no way you want to hit the town with your friends. All you want to do right now is get cozy, change those tight skinny jeans into something more comfortable and couch-appropriate.

enter But wait a minute, what about the food to go with your movie? Chinese? Nah. Pizza? Already had it last night. So, what?

Tastylia This is the moment we’ve all gone through. That I don’t know what to eat phase. But don’t worry. If you are in the mood to eat something else and you still have some productive energy left, here is a bunch of food you can do easy, without a chef degree:

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  1. Sushi

binäre optionen versteuern The minute you hear the word sushi, it the minute you start to think it’s difficult. But nope! Sushi is pretty easy to do, take it from someone who has never had any experience in rolling rice. All you need is a good sushi rice, which you can buy at any Asian store. It has all the instructions on how to cook the rice.  

see 2. Dough Squares This is one of my favourites. I used to make them for my ex all the time ( I bet he misses them already, his loss!). What you do is by a french dough (they can be found in Lidl in the fridge area. Cut the dough into squares, roll up slightly the corners and chopped peppers, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and soft cheese (Philadelphia s fine). Put them into a preheated 200’C oven and bake until golden (15min). Voila!  

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3. French Crepes

These flat boys are so delicious and easy to make. You can eat them with sweet stuff such as blueberries and jam or eat with soft cheese as well. Cut them into smaller pieces once rolled and serve them as party snacks. Yummy!

Here is a simple recipe:


4. All in One Madness

This doesn’t really have a name, but I like to call it madness. Every time I had some guests over, I cut the bread into slices, took out pickles, tomatoes, cheese, leftover sushi and put it all on a cutting board. It’s a pick-you-own snack, make it the way you want it. Friends love it and I don’t have to worry about the mess! We’ve also made a list of other all-in-one madness food platters you can make on a stay at home night!


5. Burgers

There is always that amount of people who will go for a burger on a Friday night. Well, you’re in luck, we have a great recipe, easy to make and we mentioned it here. It’s awesome. and tasty. The recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver.


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