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Old Butcher’s Shop Turned into a Stunning Vintage Restaurant

http://www.beaujolais-challenge.com/?nikolsa=rencontre-de-la-peinture-anti-corrosion&674=6e If there’s a will, there’s a way – and sometimes if you are really willing to make your dreams come true, creativity can sometimes come in handy. 2 owners have decided to open up a cozy restaurant in Terenure, offering stunning dishes and a warm atmosphere. They have transformed an old butcher’s shop into an amazingly-looking place, suitable for family and friend gatherings. And since then, Mayfield Restaurant began spreading joy around Dublin 6. 

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http://fcl-feytiat.fr/?sdrer=rencontre-culturelle-celibataire&227=c8 As you walk in, you will be greeted with a gift retail space,  full of scarves, housewares, cards and Irish fragrance products. Products can be a perfect gift for your mam or granny! Anyways, as you pass this room, you’ll enter another spacious one. Here, the coffee is brewed and the staff is able to help you out. In one of our previous article we mentioned how Terenure is booming with new coffee shops. Well, this also means that Mayfield is another place to grab a coffee in Dublin.  You’ll notice a variety of birthday cards, food and wine laying around the shop. All of them are unique and beautiful. 


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go Some funny birthday, anniversary and many other event cards available next to amusing cups and coasters. Most of them are inspired form the 1950’s vintage ads, where women were objectified as the pretty species, but not necessarily a smart species. The cards reveal a funny side of it, though. 

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Finally, you pass to the next room. Here, you’ll be able to sit and enjoy the soon-to-be-served food. Mismatched furniture, floral or animal pattern wallpapers around, vintage chandeliers and paintings hung. The place is bright, cozy and warm, no matter how nothing matches. Sometimes chaos creates the perfect balance when it comes to interior design. It’s nor elegant or fancy, but do you really want to eat your breakfast in Dublin in a place where you feel the need to wear a suit? Probably not. 





Speaking of breakfasts, Hungry in Dublin team decided to check Mayfield Restaurant during early bird hours. We were stunned by the amazing meals prepared for us. Take, for example, poached eggs with bacon, bread, a side salad and sauce. One of the favorite breakfasts by many. Portions are really good, enough to feed a big adult. 





The other breakfast meals that we really enjoyed and is worth mentioning is the granola. You know, granola doesn’t have a lot of ingredient and is almost impossible to screw it up. But you can make the flavors unforgettable for sure. We have even mentioned the place to be one of the top places for eating granola in Dublin. Mayfield Restaurant certainly knows its way around a bowl. Served with berry compote & natural yoghurt, it makes a perfect and irresistible breakfast in Dublin



Need we say more? Mayfield restaurant is perfect, breakfast is certainly delicious and the place is spacious enough to hold your entire family. During sunny times, you can sit outside, next to beautiful flowers surrounding each table. Mayfield has certainly outdone it with the interior and exterior place. Not to mention the food… mhm. 


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