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Movie Night at Home? Here are Brilliant Make-Your-Own Snacks

Hungry-in-Dublin-Dublin-foon Everyone enjoys a good stay-at-home night, whether it’s on during weekdays, or on a weekend. And there could be plenty of reasons why we prefer to put on comfy peejays, warm socks and a hot tea and catch up with our Game of Thrones episodes (am I right?) . Now that you have all ready for your movie night, you forget a major part of it – food. What the hell to do you ask? Well, you can of course order sushi and have it delivered to you withing 30 minutes. Or you can move your behind and do it yourself. And Hungry in Dublin can help! Yes, exactly, we’re not only amazing in finding out the best coffee shops in Dublin, but we know what good food means, whether bought or self-made. Here we go!


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opcje binarne knf Spanish Inspired Board

source link Si to Spanish food! Who doesn’t enjoy tapas and believe it or not, it’s easy to make! Yes, you can! Head over to your nearest grocery store, grab some bread (we recommend freshly baked though), olives, cherry tomatoes, cheese and ham. Jamon if you will. All this add on a plate – no need for making sandwiches! If you have guests coming over and you have no time for any kitchen time, this is a perfect eat in Dublin snack.  

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Hungry-in-Dublin-Dublin-chicken-food Eat it like a beast!

For those who love chicken, spicy food and anything related to BBQ, we’ve got a surprise for you. Using a few tricks, you can make your house smell as if you’re having a BBQ party. Careful for hungry neighbors. OK, so all you need to do, is buy chicken wings (or drumsticks) wash’em, marinate them in a BBQ sauce or make your own marinated recipe from a variety of recipes out there. Cook it and then enjoy it! It ain’t that hard, plus it’s incredibly easy, no matter what level of cooking experience you have. Hungry in Dublin has in fact mentioned some great ways to improve your grilling skills.





rencontre hse itga The Veggie-Friendly plate

OK, so you’re at home about to watch a movie. You poured down a glass of champagne, you had some junk food earlier on, but now you feel guilty enough to choose something healthy as your snack. We’ve all experienced this guilt feeling. But healthy snack doesn’t always mean boring! Grab a few of your favorite fruits, wash’em nicely and serve. Don’t forget a natural yogurt that you can dip your strawberries in. It’s a perfect finger food that you and your tummy will enjoy.



Hungry-in-Dublin-Dublin-foon Cheesetastic I say!

And the award winning snack award goes to…. the cheeseboard! This it Hungry in Dublin’s favorite snack for any type of movie. What’s best, there’s plenty of cheeses out there, so you can explore, find out what goes well with this wine, what goes well with that wine… you know yourself. Crackers as well,. Get salty, sea-salty, unsalted, organic. you are the artist that is going to make things cheesy. It’s so easy, it’s cheesy!


Gor inspired? Of course you did. With a little imagination, anything is possible. Think about it. Kristen Stewart has big dreams and imagination that she’s a good actress, she still continues to believe in that. Ah, God bless her.



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