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McDonald’s sales Plunge -And Coffee Shops Are Happy

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get link Nowadays, all you hear about is eating healthier, choosing the right organic products and changing from regular to soy milk. Customers are more focused on the quality of the food, rather than the quantity. Everywhere you go, you see coffee shops booming with healthy breakfast and lunch in Dublin. The meals prepared look as if they were made by high-end chefs (seriously, in most coffee shops at least). Eggs baked on clouds, avocados with toast, sprinkled with the freshest herbs…and so on and so on, but you get the point. So, you have less and less excuses not to eat the right way. But what does this mean for fast food companies? Are they struggling because of all the little cafes on Dublin corners? Well, with clients choosing non deep-fried foods, it’s clear to say that yeah, McDonald’s and Burger King are getting a few kicks in the buns.  

come fare soldi in borsa Hungry in Dublin - Places to eat in Dublin 2 analisi grafici trading pdf According to CNN, McDonald’s Sales plunge and the CEO says that the results “disappointing”. The great Mc giant reported a 10% drop in quarterly sales and earnings per share on Thursday. And while that was good enough to beat Wall Street’s meager expectations, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook called the results “disappointing.” Well, that may be disappointing for fast food companies, but the coffee shops could not do any better. The company revealed that a main reason for the tepid results was because “featured products and promotions did not achieve expected consumer response amid ongoing competitive activity.”

rencontre femme tunisienne divorcee Translation: The food stinks and consumers are going elsewhere.

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source link Hungry in Dublin - Places to eat in Dublin-1 This is a benefit for all those little family-run businesses, mainly coffee shops. Now that the big fast food companies are struggling, it’s time to take action. And serving quality food, with amazing coffee in Dublin is a winner, no doubt. It’s a time to focus on the quality of food, and many chefs are able to show their talents. Take the Hungry Duck cafe for example. Those meals look like they were carved by angels. And this is just one of many coffee shops in Dublin, where the food is pure gold. Have you switched from deep fried to organic food yet? See what are the negatives of eating fried food. That’ll change your mind.  

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