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5 Healthy Lunches For Work

http://parklane.on.ca/anticipating-our-favorite-time-of-year-parklane-gears-up-for-canada-blooms-2014/?share=twitter' A healthy lunch at work is all you need to stay strong and efficient during a busy day. Packing a lunch for work is not the case but having a healthy meal that keeps you up and doing when going through an ethic work day. Though, it can be overwhelming to come up with lunch ideas that offer variety and nutrition. Sometimes you get bored with your meals, so it’s important to plan ahead and be sure you have plenty of delicious, nutritious, and healthy options for lunch in Dublin. Let’s see the five healthy lunch ideas that are a great option for enjoyment during a work day.
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Salads are an excellent choice for packed lunches. Packed with fresh greens, onions, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and cheese, a Cobb salad is a well-loved dish which is very easy to make. Cobb Salad is packed with healthy ingredients and it is dressed with maple syrup, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. If a Cobb salad is really what you want for lunch, it is definitely a great option for your enjoyment.

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When you need a stale lunchtime routine, Sandwiches are a great option. To do it right, just keep it interesting, healthy, and nutrient-rich. The sandwich can contain sweet, smoky roasted pears and spinach and it can be served on whole grain bread. So if you’re bored with one, there are a lot of healthy sandwiches you can choose to fill you up at work.
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To brighten up your day with healthy lunch at work, you also want to consider the black bean and brown rice salad. This salad is packed with fiber and can be served warm or cold. You may decide to prepare it in a large portion and served throughout the week. A perfect accompaniment to the salad is pita chips and you can also serve the ingredients in a tortilla to create a lunch wrap. This easy, healthy black bean and brown rice salad is perfect as for lunch on the go!
here 4. Meaty Veggie Roll-Ups
Similar to a wrap, a roll-up offers lunch convenience. There are various Meaty Roll-Up recipes made with healthy ingredients. This meal will give you a boost of energy all afternoon when you enjoy the wrap made with whole grain and fresh vegetables. Meaty Veggie Roll Ups are easy to make for packed lunches and they are perfect for those avoiding over processed foods.

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Chicken or turkey wraps are great for lunch because they offer less hassle and stress just like sandwiches. The wraps compose of ground turkey, tomatoes, red onion, and feta cheese. If you want your wrap lunch in a salad-style, open the tortillas and mix them with other ingredients in a reusable container to make a perfect salad. The Cracked Nut and O’Brien’s are a perfect example of places to get healthy wraps. The wraps can come in various styles and packages so if Greek food is not appealing for you, there are other lunch wrap varieties to choose from.


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