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I Want You!- Top 6 Dublin Cakes To Try

Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

No matter how big your meal was, there is always room for a good cake. Any must we add, they are a great addition to your freshly brewed coffee. From carrot cakes, pumpkin pies and berry tarts, coffee shops and restaurants try their best to attract hungry looking eyes to their sweet nest. Some were disappointing, you expected the dessert to melt your heart away, but they didn’t. Don’t worry though, as Hungry in Dublin team is always craving sweet delights, so we have been on a mission to try as many desserts as possible. No, we won’t slap a list of the top most commonly recognized cake places (sorry, KC Peaches and the Natural Bakery). Instead, we found plenty that will knock your socks off, we decided to chose our top 6 places with amazing cakes.


Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

la mejor apps para conocer gente 1. Peacock Green

We cannot write more positive words about this place. Peacock Green is a stylish restaurant, as mentioned in our previous article. They will shock you with classy lunch and unique coffee taste. But more than that, they are experts when it comes to offering delicious desserts. Baked and cut into slices cakes and pies are ready to be picked up from the counter. click Why try? Well, the fact that you may think you are ordering a simple, boring looking lemon cake for example, but its the freshness and moistness of the slice that will take you away.

see url Location: Hatch Street and Leeson Street. 



Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

follow 2. Bijou Deli

What!? You have not been to Bijou Deli? Shame on you. It is a one of a kind place with amazing desserts and lunch in Dublin. They put all their freshly baked pastry in the windowsill, so it’s very hard no to pass by. And once you decide to go in, consider trying their amazing fruit tarts. rencontres dress Why? Simply because they are truly what they stand for. Fruit tarts should be fresh, moist, glossy-looking with a mouth watering cream fill. And boy, does this one have it.

http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2013-08-01/blog-to/ Bijou Deli,49 Highfield Rd, Dublin 6




Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

follow link 3. Eathos

From passion to plate, that is Eathos, they say. This modern, hip and trendy cafe will surprise you with their baking knowledge. From  Lime and rose marshmallows,  follow Why? They are very dedicated to provide the most tasty gluten free, or dairy free cakes. – Consider trying the chocolate and gluten free brownie. Perfect little heaven on earth.

http://halilbalim.com/?frimol=conocer-gente-de-canada-chat&37f=d9 Eathos,13 Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4



Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

http://hickscountry.com/media/hicks-hayride-cover-3/ 4. Bijou Restaurant

Does your loved one enjoy chocolate cake and you can’t find a good place to surprise her/him? No worries at all. Bijou Restaurant is a place especially designed for special events, such as anniversaries, birthdays or any other event. follow url Why try it? Bijou Restaurant offers succulent, moist chocolate cake, anytime. You won’t be disappointed. And yes, Bijou Deli and Bijou Restaurant are from the same business nest.

http://syaden.net/?giniefr=site-de-rencontre-easyflirt&478=53 Bijou, 46/47 Highfield Road, Dublin 6



Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

5. Lolly and Cooks

A tiny, cozy, friendly and cute coffee shop in Dublin that offers delicious treats for your lunch in Dublin needs. Best of luck trying to get in, as the place is located on Merrion Street and there are ALWAYS people trying to get in and order their favourite meals. Why try? The crowd says it all. At Lolly and Cooks, the Coconut and Raspberry cupcakes will knock your socks away. Freshly made, truly stunning little bad boys on their try.

Lolly and Cooks, 18 Merrion Street Upper



Hungry in Dublin - cake in Dublin

6. The Corner Bakery

What an amazing little place this is! At the Corner Bakery you will be sure to get a smile with every delicious piece of cake. Why try? Unlike any other bakery, this one offers delicious coffee, has seats with blankets outside. Enjoy a freshly baked carrot cake with almonds – outstanding and the taste is irresistible.

The Corner Bakery, 17 Terenure Road, Dublin 6W


With this list of top 6 places to grab a slice of cake, you have a lot of catching up to do. Start your fasting now to be ready for the weekend.


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