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How to Save Many Euros on Food

go to link You are probably spending thousands of euros on food. That’s right, you. This includes lunches, breakfasts, popcorn in the movie and late night pizzas. According to, an adequate food budget for a healthy diet is €57 per week per adult. Multiply that with a number of weeks in a year and you end up with a total of nearly €3000.  That is what adequate should look like, doesn’t necessarily mean you obey this rule. The truth is, Ireland is expensive and you gotta really tighten that belt if your wish is to save up a little. Luckily, Hungry in Dublin has a few tips that may work well and help you achieve that goal. Yes, we know, if you want to save up, you can cut going out every weekend or stop shopping for clothes. But we’d like to focus on the food side for now and give you tips on how you can save a bundle on it.  

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how do you find out if your boyfriend is on dating sites enter 1. To start saving, you need to know what you are wasting on. 

rencontre libanaise paris The first thing you should do if you want to cut down on wasting food is to actually try to see what you are wasting on. Is it perhaps the lunches at that favorite restaurant? Keeping a food diary for a few weeks is the best way to have all of your food-wasting habits laid out in black and white.


go to link 2. Create a shopping list

A simple shopping list can help you stay organized and avoid being distracted by those on sale now” items in the store. Once you are in the shop, stick to what you need to buy. 

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Yeah, you read it. Shopping for groceries is a red flag, as you don’t think with your brain or that to-buy list you just made. You think with your stomach. Then you start buying things you crave at that very moment, whether it’s resourceful or not. So, grab a snack before, then do your food shopping. Period. 3. Don’t be afraid of the freezer.

You just made dinner and realized that you made too many dumplings. Why throw away (don’t you dare throw away pierogis!) if you can freeze them. These can come in handy if you had to stay up late to finish that project at work and now you are too tired to cook anything. But hey, you just froze your dinner from a night, two nights or many nights before. Ta-da! This can defo save you a bundle. Here is a list of meals you can safely freeze. 

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Now that we mentioned dumpling. Do you know how much it costs to make them? Around €5. And that is with minced meat. The dough around your stuffing if made of water and flour and this costs very little. With that is mind, don’t be afraid to explore simple recipes which help save a bundle.

click here 5. Bring lunch to work

This can pinpoint to number 3 on our list. Why not bring the leftover food to work? In our previous article we mentioned a few delicious lunches you can bring with you. This will help you save those euros on lunch in Dublin

The bottom line is, if you start saving up, you will be happy. Your wallet will be happy. The environment will be happy. Imagine all the trash you are throwing away every day. All the packages from food don’t just disappear you know! 


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