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Eathos, the Place Out of This Earth

50 primeras citas online espaГ±ol latino hd On one of the busiest streets in Dublin, Baggot Street has welcomed a unique and modern cafe to their upper area, called Eathos. Vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and full of protein meals to boost up your energy levels for the rest of the day. Purely heaven for leaf-lovers.  

enter site You may have noticed it already by it’s incredibly luxurious window display. Cupcakes, cake and pie slices, decorated with fresh mixed berries, and exotic fruit slices. Each piece looks both delicious and mouth watering and clearly the staff has a high passion for baking and cooking. At first, it gives an impression of a bakery, but there is more to it than just desserts. Eathos is perfect for breakfast in Dublin and lunch in Dublin. 

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rencontres r 2012 As you make your first steps into the cafe you will notice white walls, white furniture, white staff uniforms… yes, we can say that heaven found its place on Earth. The food looks as if it was carved by angels, everything appealing and fresh. Not your everyday horse food, let me tell ya! Creative food freshly prepared for your lunch in Dublin needs. We like when companies aren’t stingy with the green and here at Eathos the salads are absolutely packed with loads of vegetables and nearly all of them are vegetarian friendly. Layer over layer, you have a wide selection of healthy salads and soups to choose from. Gluten free, dairy free, there is a wide selection of all you can think of during your lunch in Dublin break. 

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recherche filles pour mariage More heavenly goodness as you make your way to the till, you’ll notice cute packages with sweets. Ask the staff for gluten-free options and I am sure they will provide you with a wide variety. Grab a bag and enjoy them with your afternoon tea in Dublin. 

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We’re not really big fans of contemporary music and white-on-white interior design , but hey, many people seems to love it and Eathos seems to support it. And we won’t judge if you like it as well, we’ll just judge the food. The Spacious indoor and outdoor area allows you to choose where you’d like to enjoy your healthy lunch in Dublin. Feel the modern and young atmosphere around you. 


We went ahead and tried a few dishes. The most mouthwatering and therefore the winning meal for the Hungry Team was the Puy Lentil salad. We went for the total healthy one ans as you may or may not know, puy lentils are extremely high in vegetarian proteins and are on the list of your one-a-day foods. You can read more about them here. When you will decide to go for the salad, you have an option to choose 2 healthy salads for €9 or 3 for €13 – definitely worth the price, as the meals come in big portions. Enjoy


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