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Dublin’s Top Places for Best Sandwiches

go site Whether you are a big bread fan or not, sometimes your body is craving that gigantic and succulent sandwich you saw earlier on a billboard or in the store you passed by earlier. It could be the “carb crave”, the lack of protein or simply the cheese and ham that you’re missing in your diet. Whatever it is, Hungry in Dublin knows a couple of great best places to eat in Dublin, places that serve great sandwiches. We know, there are dozens of dozens of places where the food is just amazing, but here are our top choices that you can try out.

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kamloops free dating sites Ready packed, but freshly prepared in-house sandwiches are easy to grab in Gerard’s Deli. Fresh, succulent bad boys are an easy target on Leeson Street Lower, as because there are many hungry people there during lunch in Dublin hours. This place is perfect if you are running out of time and are in the mood for a quick bite, or simply to grab a quick sandwich to go. 


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follow site go to site The Natural Bakery

We all know that the Natural Bakery has great coffee (using ThreeSixty coffee beans) and bread in each store. But have you seen their sandwiches? Either you want them heated or not, they can easily prepare a sandwich of your choice. The place acts as a cafe, but it is also a lovely bakery. Imagine drinking coffee and sinking your teeth into a fresh and still warm bread. Mouth watering. 



rencontre 71 L’Gueuleton

We cannot stop thinking about the time Hungry in Dublin team enjoyed a cheese sandwich at L’Gueuleton restaurant. This is where perfection meets bread. And a glass of red wine. Enjoy the beautiful interior and romantic setting. Perfect for your lunch in Dublin needs. 



go here The Cracked Nut

Take a look at the size of thesebad boys! The Cracked Nut, located on Camden Street is a cozy cafe owned by an Irish  family, who are passionate about natural, raw, delicious and clean food. They also celebrate everything Irish and love supporting Irish businesses and products. The place is absolutely amazing, the atmosphere in the cafe is warm and friendly. Indoor and outdoor seating available. 


Have you already made your choice? You will surely not regret any of those sandwiches mentioned above!


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