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Dublin’s Top Cafe for Eating Porridge

In the mood for porridge this morning? We know a great place serving it every day. Grove Road, located at the beginning of Rathmines Road Lower, facing La Touce Bridge (or more commonly known as the Portobello Bridge by the cool kids), this busy cafe has just the breakfast dish for you.

Just look at the size of it! Grove Road can really be proud of themselves. A big portion, porridge with bananas and mixed berries and decorated with a minty leaf. Now, that’s breakfast! The portion will fill a grown man and the cow beside him, 😀 Calm down, it’s a joke.




OK, a little about the cafe, if you haven’t been there. It is a corner building which is easily spotted, whether you are on Rathmines Road, Portobello Bridge or the actual Grove Road. Because it’s in the middle of a busy junction, the indoors of the cafe ten to also be crowded, as people try to grab their morning coffee to work.  The decor is simple, nothing to get excited about.



There is a small selection of pastries, just enough to fill you up if you’re just grabbing your coffee in Dublin. Totally Dublin magazines are there to grab as well.



If you are a coffee hunter and loves to know what coffee beans are the coffee shops using before you head over there, these guys use Roasted Brown. There is an interesting Bio about Fergus Brown the man who invented these beans. You can read it on their site here.


Additional Info:

  • Perfect for: Breakfast in Dublin, coffee in Dublin
  • Coffee beans: Roasted Brown
  • Location: 1 Lower Rathmines Road (Portobello Bridge)



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