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Dublin’s Best Cheese Sandwich Located

Are you in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich as your lunch in Dublin? We’ve got the best place for that. And this place happens to be right in the heart of Dublin, on Fade Street to be more precise. Here, a classy, warm and friendly French restaurant welcomes hungry Dubliners to their beautiful nest.


This French restaurant called L’Gueuleton, it is spacious and perfect to get a delicious cheesy sandwich with a glass of red wine. Your lunch in Dublin cannot get any more French. A relaxing music is played in the background, staff wearing white shirts and smile on their faces. The restaurant is built on red bricks, copper ceilings, dark wood floors with low lights, business-friendly atmosphere.


L’Gueuleton Restaurant is not only famous for their delicious lunch menu, but also their wine collection. This is definitely a place to visit if you love this type of drinks.



Serving all different kinds of dishes, but most of them will contain meat. This isn’t a problem, however, because the staff is more than happy to prepare a veggie dish. The Hungry in Dublin team decided to order 2 sandwiches, one carnivore-friendly and one herbivore-friendly. Located in city centre, we sat next to the window and watched the busy world outside. What more could you want?

Quick Info:

Location: 1 Fade St, Dublin 2
What to go for: Lunch in Dublin
What to try: Grilled cheese sandwich and wine
Link: L’Gueuleton




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