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Dough-Not Miss this! Top Doughnut Places in Dublin

Hungry in Dublin - Dublin doughnuts We all love doughnuts, whether on its own or with a good coffee in Dublin. But it takes a great baker to create a good doughnut. First, it should have a sweet aroma and nice, yeasty flavor. And then when it comes to frosting, it shouldn’t be sickeningly sweet and it won’t leave a film in your mouth (generally caused by hydrogenated oils). These are just a few of many things that define a great doughnut. But Hungry in Dublin team went to many places that offer succulent doughnuts, friendly atmosphere and a unique vibe-because let’s agree to it, you can’t eat enjoy your dessert if the staff is moody or if there is no goddamn good vibe. So if you are in the mood for this dessert food and are looking for the top places, look no further – we’ve got it covered. Here are our top 5 choices:  

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go Located in many places around Dublin, the Natural Bakery never disappoints its customers with freshly baked doughnuts located on top of the counter usually and cannot be missed. The company is liked for its fresh products, the staff is always friendly and open for a nice counter chat. And you need to try of either the American, Boston or any other one. And a good deal – get 4 for €6 – share it will friends. Or don’t . Don’t share, more for you. opzioni binarie con bonus Location: 44 Ranelagh/12 Baggot Street/4 Donnybrook Mall and more


frauen kennenlernen bei facebook 2. Aungier Danger

get link Hungry in Dublin - Dublin doughnuts

kosten lebensmittel single monat Ever heard of it? Well if you are a crazy fan of doughnuts then you might have heard about this crazy place – Aungier Danger offers a variety of different flavours, some are not found in any other store. Imagine grabbing a Honey Foam doughnut with your coffee in Dublin. Yum. And what about trying a doughnut called the “Crime Scene” – it’s to die for. See what we did there? OK, let’s get serious here. This is a big doughnut, packed with cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberry icing. Some people love the lemon poppy seed ones. The result is amazing and the taste- well think about all those ingredients combined. It will definitely blow your mind away. Location: 37 Aungier St, Dublin 3. Yankee Donuts

Hungry in Dublin - Dublin doughnuts

The doughnuts made by Yankee Donuts are just so pretty! And you know what, they taste bad ass. This doughnut shop in Rathmines offers absolutely stunning-looking desserts at your grasp. It’s also heaven for your kids, just you wait and see the look on their faces as they see this tasty art. Take a bite of a Nutella and Oreo doughnut, for instance. Or sink your teeth into a strawberry and white chocolate goodness. How else can you cheer up your mood on a rainy day?! Hungry in Dublin dares you to tell us!

Location: 96 Rathmines Road Lower



4. Off Beat Donut Co.

Hungry in Dublin - Dublin doughnuts

Off Beat Donuts make fresh desserts on site, throughout the day in front of their customers unique recipes, and thus delivering that ultimate doughnut experience . You can customize your very own doughnut that is! Because not everyone is the same. Ridiculously good doughnuts and very inventive as well. Customers are grateful this place was invented. And so are we!

Location: 2 Westland Row, Dublin 2



5.  The Rolling Donut

We love ’em for the desserts, great vibe and he fact that they are close too! Located in the heart of Dublin 2, opposite St. Stephen’s Green shopping centre, The Rolling Donut has got its sleeves literally rolled up for hard work. And the doughnuts are actually rolling at your feet. It is always packed with plenty of these icing-sugar topped desserts as it is with people trying to purchase them. So, better be quick before they are taken away from you!

Location: 55 King St S, Dublin 2


Ready to try them all? Well, weekend is coming up, so there is plenty of catching up to do with these places.


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