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Couples Who Eat Together, Stay Together-Here’s Why

Hungry in Dublin - best places to eat in Dublin

There is no doubt that food is an experience, it’s an emotion – no matter if you have a Chinese dumpling or tomato soup in front of you. Each flavor either reminds you of something from the past, it makes us happy or simply gives us a new type of joy. Our girl from the Hungry in Dublin team reveals, that beef burgers and poached eggs remind her of her ex-boyfriend, whom she cared deeply for. See! An emotion! Whichever it is, it’s believed that when couples have the same taste for food, they tend to be more happy together and thus ending up staying together. You’ll find plenty of blogs to support this and perhaps you already know that what we are writing is true. However, if you need more convincing, keep on reading our list. 


Hungry in Dublin - best places to eat in Dublin

1. When you’re eating together, you’re truly conversing

When you are eating together, you are making conversation, no matter how big or small it is. But at least you are not constantly glued to the TV or phone screen. Instead you are somewhat focused on your partner and your meal. You ask questions, share opinions about the food and location choice. While other people rush through meals, you and your SO drag them out for as long as possible.

Hungry in Dublin - best places to eat in Dublin

2. You learn even more about your SO’s habits

What a person chooses to eat says a lot about. Is your partner vegetarian? It means that he/she has strong morals and that they can dedicate and are disciplined (not like an animal or something, but basically they obey rules they set themselves. The Hungry in Dublin girl is vegetarian and remembers how her boyfriend tends to look for restaurant specifically designed to her diet requirements. This makes the guy care deeply about her. And aren’t those great qualities to have when in a relationship? 

Hungry in Dublin - best places to eat in Dublin

3. If you can agree on a restaurant, you can agree on anything

We would say a big, gigantic chunk of arguments that occur in relationships are because one or both of you can’t make a decision on what and where to eat. There is so many restaurants out there to enjoy a beautiful dinner in Dublin. But, of course, there are different types of couples and the ones that love the same type of food, have no fights. No fight, no problem. 

Hungry in Dublin - best places to eat in Dublin

4. You aren’t afraid to get messy together

Some people are shy or afraid (or both) to indulge in a sloppy, greasy meal, but you and your second half think it’s a hilarious experience and one you both want to have over and over again. Get messy, laugh at the beard he/she has made from the spicy chicken wings 🙂 It’s funny, right?

5. Sharing an experience always makes a couple closer

As we mentioned earlier, food is an experience, an emotion. Anyways, whether you head to the coffee shop around the block or go to a fine restaurant, you create memories. Hopefully the food they prepare for you will be super delicious, so enjoy! 

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