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Consider it Done! A Must-Visit Cafe Owned by Dunnes We now live in an age where small and independent coffee shops are becoming more and more popular. This may be because people are interested in the simplicity, the unique taste and home-like feeling whenever you walk into one. One after one, those coffee shops attract certain type of customers with their menus, different coffee beans and more, leaving nothing but dust behind fro the bigger franchises, such as Starbucks and Butlers. However, the known-to-all Dunnes have decided to get into all that craft cafe industry and the result is amazing. hungry-in-Dublin-considered-cafe-5 So, people are into home-like atmosphere, so Dunnes decided to give it a try. The cozy cafe called Considered has wooden mismatched chairs, stools, plates hung on the wall and home products on shelves. The brick walls and low light dominate the area, giving a more comfort feeling. It’s also like sitting at your granny’s house and she’s about to give you a lot of food. There is also light music played in the background, but you can also hear family chit chat and laughter. 

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Veggie friendly soup served in a big cup. Enjoy the relaxing time, inside, while looking at the busy world through the gigantic windows overlooking the street. 



This is why we recommend you going for lunch. Amazing variety of sandwiches to choose from. This nutritious one came with a toasted sourdough bread, packed with salad cheese and ham. An amazing and must-try lunch in Dublin



Amazing avocado salad. Vegetarian friendly, the portion is big enough to fill any grown adult. the avocado was slightly roasted, giving that succulent smoky feeling. 

Considered is a great spot for lunch and a cute place to shop for any kitchenware. Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed. Suitable for families as the place is quite spacious inside. 


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