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A Kimmage Corner Occupied by a Cute Duck

Just when you thought Kimmage Road could not be any more dull (kidding!), yet it surprises you with a lovely cafe.  Located on one of the busy corners, The Hungry Duck invites hungry swans and ducklings to their nest. It is a place where a friendly atmosphere lives and good conversations seem to start.




With plenty of space around, the cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating. Because, yeah, sometimes the weather in Dublin is awesome and the temperature reaches more than 12 Degrees Celsius. Naturally you want to consider sitting outside, right?


Inside you will find a spacious room, with windows surround the place. There is family chit-chat, kids laughing (and crying) and the overall vibe is just warm and comfortable.



The Hungry Duck cafe is a perfect place to get a delicious breakfast in Dublin. We are talking about big portions, delicate tastes and home-like flavours. Veggie breakfasts available. The full Irish breakfast contains sun-dried tomatoes, toast, scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Perfect and fulfilling.



The Eggs Benedift as a must-try. That is, of course, if you eat bacon. Poached eggs on top of tomatoes, cream cheese and bacon is an irresistible breakfast in Dublin. And it costs less than €8.




Need something sweet? There is a variety of delicious scones and other pastries on the counter.




A quick sneak peak at the menu. Compared to other coffee shops that we mentioned earlier, this one has a great breakfast menu. Whatever you are in the mood for, whether pancakes, eggs or omelette, there is plenty to choose from. The Hungry Duck is truly a great place to enjoy a family breakfast for an affordable price.


Quick Info:

Location: 189 Kimmage Rd W, Kimmage, Dublin 12

What to go for: breakfast in Dublin

What to try: Eggs Benedict

Coffee beans used: Bell Lane Coffee





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