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The Ridiculous Tea Prices in Dublin

follow link Yes, we get it. Renting a commercial space in the heart of Dublin isn’t cheap and you gotta make more money to pay off those big bills, but slapping high prices on ridiculous things like tea is beyond insane.  So before we get any further, how much do you think a peppermint tea should cost? And how much would you pay? Well, we’ve had a look around many coffee/tea shops. The Kiosk on Adelaide Road serves herbal tea for €1.80. The Insomnia on Charlotte Way offers herbal tea for €2.50. Let’s keep going: The Cracked Nut and Caffe Nero on Camden Street – €2.50 for herbal tea, and €2.00 in The Orange Tree Bakery on Ratmines Road Lower. This is to name a few. Basically the price in many tea serving places does not cross €3 for a cup. That is a fairly god price for a nice cup of tea. hungry-in-Dublin-tea-in-Dublin-2 However, one place doesn’t seem to understand it. A so called Stone Leaf has located on Leeson Street decided to drop a whopping price of €3.95 for a herbal tea. Wow!! Now, why would a single cup of herbs mixed with 98% water cost this much? It wasn’t served It doesn’t matter where these herbs come from, we are talking about a cup of tea in Dublin.  

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source site The taste of the tea was good, but so is the good taste in any other tea shop as many coffee shops try to provide the best tea bags on the market. Now, the purpose of this article is not to negatively advertise the restaurant, but it’s to show the difference in prices and find out whether or not you would pay nearly €4 for tea.

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