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Peacock Green, the Stylish Cafe on Leeson Street

If you work nearby Hatch Street, then you probably heard of Peacock Green, as it is one of the most recognized places during lunch in Dublin hours, due to its classy interior and elegant look. And if it this type of coffee shop that you admire most, then we have good news. Peacock Green has spread its wings onto Leeson Street. Their cafe is smaller, cozier, but has basically the same look. 

We love the interior. Usually, it’s busy and surrounded by Hungry in Dublin peeps, but we managed to come in the right time. Mornings seem to be less busy. The staff was friendly, there was light music being played in the background. This is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing morning in a busy area. Get a nice cup of coffee from the friendly staff and start your day on the right foot. 



Peacock Green offers simple breakfasts. Eggs, omelettes, porridge. There is a breakfast deal as well, a cup of coffee of your choice with a granola or porridge for €5.50. We decided to go for porridge. Yum. Delicious, great portion – amazing.



Peacock Green is not only known for their classy looks, of course. They make pretty damn good cakes. Croissants, chocolate cakes, lemon drizzle cake… moist, succulent. Just how any cake should be. And they’re pretty damn affordable too! There is absolutely no excuse not to try them. 



Just a quick look at those bad boys….

Whichever time of the day you choose, there is always something at Peacock and Green to choose. Delicious sandwiches for lunch, great porridge, eggs or omelettes for breakfast, or simply coffee in Dublin. Peacock and Green make their own coffee blend, mixing different beans together. This all comes with a smile from the friendly staff!

Quick Info:

  • Location: 24 Leeson Street Lower, D2
  • Perfect For: breakfast in Dublin, lunch in Dublin, Coffee in Dublin
  • What to Try: porridge, coffee and sandwiches





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