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Craft Beer vs Regular Beer- the Difference

Good old beer, don’t we just love it. We’re all fans of a specific brand, either Heineken, Budweiser, Corona or any other type. But what’s this now? Sierra Nevada? Punk IPA? What are these beers you speak of and why are they becoming as popular as the big branded ones? Well, these, my friend, are called craft beers. 

If you haven’t yet tried a craft beer, we recommend that you do. They are of course, still in the beer category, but have a few things that separate them from a regular beer. And hungry in Dublin created a list of them. 

Here is the difference between Craft Beer and Regular Beer:



1. Beer is Corporation vs Craft Beer is Human-made

Regular beer such as Heineken or Corona is made by big corporations, whereas craft beer is brewed by people, such as the guys from Punk IPA, James and Martin. The craft beer is defined as traditional and independent breweries. 

2.  Beer Taste vs Craft Beer Taste

You all know how regular beer tastes. It tastes… well, like beer. Craft beer can have various tastes, like oak, chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, caramel, pumpkin, and any number of other ingredients.


3. Beer Colour vs Craft Beer Colour

Beer is usually yellow or light brown. Craft beer can be anything from a hazy golden straw color to an orange to a ruby brown to an inky black and everything in between. 

4. Beer Glass vs Craft Beer Glass

Beer glasses don’t really differ much in shape. The craft beer glass, however, can greatly differ from one brand to another. Have a look at the photo above

5. Beer Ad vs Craft Beer Ad

Beer is being advertised on banners, magazines and TV.  Craft beer is marketed, not really on television, but on a chalkboard in a pub or a city newspaper with emphasis on the art and flavor, as well as the ingredients that went into making the product.


6. Beer Ingredients vs Craft Beer Ingredients

Beer is made with inexpensive ingredients and adjuncts such as rice, to make the beer more affordable, which results in why you feel bloated and full after drinking it.  Craft beer is made using hand selected ingredients, picked with certain flavor characteristics in mind and brewed with the end goal of getting quality beer.  It is more expensive but that shouldn’t matter if you are a big fan of beer.

Well, hopefully this article gave you enough boost to go and try one of the delicious craft beers, such as Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas or Brewdog.



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