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Coffeedemic Continues to Spread as Terenure Nests Another Cafe

Foam Coffee- Hungry in Dublin

partnervermittlung alleinerziehende eltern If you’ve been to Terenure, then you probably felt the vibe and live atmosphere that’s spreading around the area. Local butchers, charity stores, banks and little pharmacies make you feel like you’re living in Stars Hollow from the TV show “Gilmore Girls”. People know each other in pubs and will tend to start a conversation if they’ve seen you more than a few times. Life certainly vibes around, as seen from corner to corner and it seems that it has attracted caffeinated businesses as well. It’s no joke, the Templeogue area is now stuffed with coffee shops, as if the coffee epidemic came across and left cup maniacs behind. It now nests 5 coffee shops within a 200 meter radius. But we’re not here to judge the amount of coffee shops in an area, but to review them and leave an honest and useful information about it.  The new coffee shop in Terenure is Foam and it’s located next to Brady’s Pub. 

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flirten anfang Cozy, contemporary theme with wood-inspired decor, green plants, eclectic furniture and harmonious colors. The area is spacious and filed with natural day-light. As you walk in, you’ll notice the radio being played in the background and the modern-type atmosphere. It is the opposite of what you will get in the Lovely Food company, which is a coffee shop just few doors away. It’s a positive thing for both, in a way, as they are not attracting the same “type” of customers. If you want home-made type of food and atmosphere, then the Lovely Food company is a way to go. 

Teste gratis deinen IQ und lerne kennen welche Fragen du bei einem go to link (Intelligenztest) erwarten kannst. Also, wie schlau bist du? Hungry-in-Dublin-Coffee-in-Dublin-3

Breakfast menu is simplified. You’ve got porridge (€5), pancakes (€6), French Toast (€9), eggs (€10) or granola (€6). Portions are, well, simplified. What you order is what you get. Eggs are as small as they can be a slice of bacon is a slice, and not an inch longer! 

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You can also order sourdough bread with a choice of eggs, salmon, jam or black pudding. Have it your way, simplified. To be fair, the food is fresh and tastes good, but the portions could be slightly bigger to fill in an adult-sized human. Agree? 



What to really go for? The coffee. Foam Coffee House uses Fixx coffee beans, a Gold winner in the 2013 and 2009 Great Taste Awards. The taste is strong, memorable in taste and unique. The same coffee beans are used in the Blonde Cafe on Harcourt Street. Know any other coffee shops that use Fixx? Let us know in the comment below. 

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