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Caffeinated Angel on Earth

go to site Ever been to Coffee Angel? Well, you should, it has good reviews. We enjoyed the coffee and pastry they had on display. It’s a good place to enjoy a cup during lunch in Dublin hours. Coffee Angel is known to many hard workers as a place to catch up with your personal email, book and crosswords. Simple interior, with travel mugs, cups and a few more items on the shelf that can be bought. Nothing too much to brag about, but hey.. we’re not here to talk about the interior. hungry-in-Dublin-coffee-angel-3 Lunch in Dublin also offered by Coffee Angel. Soups, wraps, sandwiches. Just like in any other shop. We’ve tried the soup and… just go for their coffee. The soup had a “simple” flavor. Nothing to brag about. Just go for coffee.


How To Get Viagra Prescription in Antioch California hungry-in-Dublin-coffee-angel-2 And their cake. Delicious, moist, amazing cake. Additionally, Coffee Angel sell their own coffee. And also use: Fórsa Gála, La Bella, Montalvo Decaf and many more. 

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  • source site Location: 3 Trinity Street/15 Leinster Street South/27 Pembroke Street Lower and more.
  • see url What to go for: Coffee in Dublin
  • here What to try: coffee and pastry, yum!



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