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Coffee in Dublin – The Ultimate Guide With 10 Must Try Coffees

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We all know it’s true: coffee shops are everywhere in Dublin. The infatuation with coffee is so intense that people begin to wonder which ones are the best? They all have their own fans, so probably every single one of your friend would recommend a different cafe. But if you were to go to every single coffee shop in Dublin… well, it might take you close to forever. But don’t worry, this is an ultimate guide which reveals top must-go to coffee shops in Dublin, based on the atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious food and of course-amazing coffee. So sit back, relax, put your feet up and check out this list.


  1. The Hungry Duck

The Hungry Duck invites hungry swans and ducklings to their nest. It is a place where a friendly atmosphere lives and good conversations seem to start. A good family vibe is born here. And not just that, delicious food. But the guide is about coffee so here is why we love it. The Hungry Duck is using Bell Lane coffee beans, an award winning coffee roasting company established in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. The great method of hand roasting enables the company to create a variety of espresso blends varying in strength, body, acidity, flavour and aroma. Truly irresistible.

follow url Direction: 189 Kimmage Rd W, Kimmage, Dublin 12

Tastylia Online Without Prescription Coffee: Bell Lane



2. Five Points

Five Points is a modern, hip and oh so hip cafe, inviting youngsters and oldies into their place. Spacious enough, the staff is like-super-friendly and young. There is that “today’s music” in the background, and overall the atmosphere is unique. The cafe uses 3Fe coffee beans, because you are a loser if you don’t use it! No, but seriously, 3Fe has a unique taste, and many Hungry in Dublin people are craving for it during lunch in Dublin Hours.

follow link Direction: 288A Harold’s Cross Rd, Harold’s Cross,

follow site Coffee: 3Fe



3. Joe’s Coffee

Such an amazing place, filled with vegan and vegetarian friendly lunch in Dublin. We actually wrote an article before, about their stunning super-food salad, with sweet potatoes and blueberries. It’s actually really good even though it sounds rough 🙂 What else do we love about Joe’s Coffee – the coffee of course. The company is using The Barn coffee beans, a leading specialty coffee roastery in Europe. Known for their excellent dedication to high quality, they work with premium coffees from sustainable and traceable farming. Direction: 13 Montague St, Dublin 2

follow Coffee: The Barn 



4. Two Fifty Square

Located on Williams Park, this spacious place brings joy to both family members and friends. The coffee shop is locates next to a leisure centre, so parents with their bundles of joy are most likely here to come. You’ll also notice women in yoga pants and water bottles having an avocado toast, because Two Fifty Square promotes healthy and tasty living. The interior is well-lit, has ton of room, even an outdoor seating area.  What else is cool? The fact that they brew their very own coffee, also called Two Fifty Square and that is worth trying out. Delicious and strong in taste, oh so lovely.

sitios de citas buenos aires Direction: Williams Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6 Coffee: Two Fifty Square



5. Ernesto’s

This Cuban-Inspired coffee shop in Rathgar is a great place if you want to experience one of the best cafes in Dublin. It is cozy, comfy and offers a great family-friendly vibe. The Ernesto’s social media profiles reveal the owners interesting lifestyle, from swimming in the sea early in the morning, to inviting bands and playing live music in the premises. And surprise, surprise, the coffee beans used are….. Two Fifty Square! So if you like the earlier mentioned cafe, this one you’d enjoy, with a splash of Cuban vibe.

Directions: 15 Rathgar Rd, Dublin 6

segnali vincenti trading binario Coffee: Two Fifty Square 6. Tang 


Dawson street is one of the busiest streets in Dublin 2, no matter what time of the day. And with that in mind, Tang is rolling their sleeves up to offer each and every Hungry in Dublin customer a taste of their delicious meals and cups of awesome coffee. Sandwiches, soups and salads are the preferred choices, along with coffee made from Upside Coffee beans, oh so good. Cafe is suitable for hungry employees, a quick snack grab and off you go, unless you want to sit outside,there is a few tables for you to relax and take your time.. Directions: 23C Dawson St, Dublin 2

Coffee: Upside Coffee



7. Cocu

Cocu, a coffee Shop so good, it has three locations, but let’s focus on the one we went to which is in the Station Building on Hatch Street Upper. Spacious and eclectic, it is yet another place that invites hungry workers to its nest. You’ll notice the simplicity of the interior, the wooden tables look cheap, but the brick walls add that spark to it. And then there is the the blue colour accenting the cold walls. Protein balls are sitting on the counter waiting to boost the customer’s energy levels. And what about the coffee you say? The company uses Cloud Picker, one of our favourite coffee beans of all time.

Directions: The Station Building, Hatch Street upper, Dublin 2,

Coffee: Cloud Picker




8. Foam

Terenure is becoming a big attraction to many coffee shops and Foam is no different. With so many competitors around , this newly opened cafe in Dublin 6w needs to work twice as hard to keep old customers and attract new ones. It’s a modern place with a few options to eat on the menu, but once you order your breakfast or lunch in Dublin, you will certainly not be disappointed. And they have chosen a great coffee bean brand, called Fixx – a Gold Winner in the 2013 and 2009 Great Taste Awards.  A beautiful blend of Sumatran, Ethiopian and Brazilian beans, perfectly balanced to bring a creamy and pleasantly spicy sensations. Family and bro friendly, staff is polite, hip and the room is very well lit. 

Directions : 1 Templeogue Road, Terenure, Dublin 5

Coffee: Fixx




9. Cake Cafe

The Cake Cafe will surprise you with their cuteness, simplicity and great lunch in Dublin. Grab a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun or inside, where you will be surrounded by a check-board floor, colourful tables, mismatched cups and a friendly staff. Although Cake Cafe is best known for their cakes, they do serve amazing coffee and the coffee beans they’re using is Ariosa– top notch and Ireland’s first speciality Micro Coffee Roasting Company

Direction: 8 Pleasants Pl, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Coffee: Ariosa



10. Sophie’s

A beautiful, sophisticated and classy roof top restaurant called Sophie’s attracts customers with its look and elegant style. Here, you can enjoy a strong cup of coffee made with Moak coffee beans. The staff is experienced and will provide you with the top notch customer service. The area is a 360 degree view of the Dublin city, in the middle of the restaurant is a bar and there is plenty of room – place is suitable for meetings and fancy parties. 

Directions: 33 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Coffee: Moak



There you go, these are the top coffee shops/restaurants where the coffee taste leaves you with amazing memory. Great food and atmosphere can be found in each one of the mentioned places. So, time to roll up your sleeves, you’ve got work to do and places to visit!

Know a good place to grab a coffee in Dublin? Let us know!


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