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Movie Night at Home? Here are Brilliant Make-Your-Own Snacks

Hungry-in-Dublin-Dublin-foon Everyone enjoys a good stay-at-home night, whether it's on during weekdays, or on a weekend. And there could be plenty of reasons why we prefer to put on comfy peejays, warm socks and a hot tea and catch up with our Game of Thrones episodes (am I right?) . Now that

This Place is Nuts with Doughnuts!

best places to eat in Dublin

It's been a while the Hungry in Dublin team decided to write something on the sweeter side. We've mentioned plenty of best places to eat in Dublin, including lunches and breakfasts, but we haven't mentioned any dessert-like locations. Not to worry though, all is to be revealed! OK, so if

The Must-Yum Yums at Yamamori

You probably heard about this place. Yeah you did. It was mentioned a couple of times by Lovin Dublin and other sites But today it's Hungry in Dublin's turn to talk about it. Yamamori is an award-winning Japanese cuisine with delicious beers, whiskeys and cocktails on the menu. It is

How to Save Many Euros on Food

You are probably spending thousands of euros on food. That's right, you. This includes lunches, breakfasts, popcorn in the movie and late night pizzas. According to, an adequate food budget for a healthy diet is €57 per week per adult. Multiply that with a number of weeks in a year

The Best Cheeses for Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You love it, every bite of it. The taste reminds you of your childhood memories, where things were more fun and simpler back then. Your mom would call you for a perfectly grilled sandwich and a glass of milk. And that was all of your worries and troubles. And maybe it

Umi Falafel Can Help You Save a Bundle on Food

We love Rathmines and we think that many people feel the same way. Brimming with energy, life the main Street called Rathmines Road Lower offers more than bakeries and grocery stores. Here, you are able to find cafes, pubs, swimming pools, even book stores and a shopping centre. But today the

I Scream for Ice-Cream! Ranelagh’s Icy Gem

Who would have ever thought that ice-cream would be selling at a vast pace during spring, autumn and even winter? Well, apparently the owners of Scoop believed that these frosty delights will sell all year round. To top it up (get it?), the little store offers a wide variety of

Great To-Go Lunches on Leeson Street

We all probably know how busy Leeson Street can get during lunch hours. The staff at every coffee shop have their hands full every minute (did you see the waiting line for Emer’s Kitchen?). Anyways, The Gerard’s Deli serves to-go meals. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, pastry, even sausage rolls. Great spot

Dublin’s Top Cafe for Eating Porridge

In the mood for porridge this morning? We know a great place serving it every day. Grove Road, located at the beginning of Rathmines Road Lower, facing La Touce Bridge (or more commonly known as the Portobello Bridge by the cool kids), this busy cafe has just the breakfast dish

Eathos, the Place Out of This Earth

On one of the busiest streets in Dublin, Baggot Street has welcomed a unique and modern cafe to their upper area, called Eathos. Vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and full of protein meals to boost up your energy levels for the rest of the day. Purely heaven for leaf-lovers.    You may

Pig in a Tub Invites for Dinner

The pig in a tub is actually a logo. We’re not entirely sure if there is an actual pig bathing itself somewhere in the pub, but we’ll keep an eye on it. Anyways, we’d like to let you know about this amazing gastropub, called The Old Spot, where the food is unforgettable

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