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Let’s S.P.L.I.T.- The Guide to Splitting the Check with Friends

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http://milehiproperty.com/?ki0oss=How-to-make-quick-legal-money-zombie-cafe&074=1e Your'e having a perfect good evening by enjoying a great dinner in Dublin with your friends. Then comes the waiter with one bill and here starts the awkward silence of splitting the check. Sounds familiar? Sure it does. Splitting the check has long lived on a fault-line of perceived maturity. We’ve all

Coffee Shops Should Have No Wi-Fi

We all know that Starbucks is offering free Wi-Fi to their hipster customers. Tables filled with iPad, iPhone and laptop users updating blogs and social media statuses. Sure, you’ve got your post out there or have let your friends know about your current location, but many coffee shops in Dublin put

The Ridiculous Tea Prices in Dublin

Yes, we get it. Renting a commercial space in the heart of Dublin isn’t cheap and you gotta make more money to pay off those big bills, but slapping high prices on ridiculous things like tea is beyond insane.  So before we get any further, how much do you think

Caffeinated Angel on Earth

Ever been to Coffee Angel? Well, you should, it has good reviews. We enjoyed the coffee and pastry they had on display. It’s a good place to enjoy a cup during lunch in Dublin hours. Coffee Angel is known to many hard workers as a place to catch up with

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